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Our Services

At A Glance

Our services will be customized based on your event needs. Use one service or use them all! It's up to you.

Trade Show Management
From inception to completion, G2 specializes in all aspects of hosting and participating in Trade Shows. Our attention to detail, project management skills and in-depth knowledge of most industries enables us to generate new business opportunities and partnerships for you all while making your event run smoothly. 
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Event Management
From conferences, sales meetings to corporate summits, and roadshows, we offer full event program management customized to suit your event needs. With our white-glove approach and intimate team, you will be in good hands from start to finish.
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Promotional Product Services & Store Management
We understand that promotional items are an extension of your brand. It is important to us that your items are strategically selected to make you and your business stand out. With the capability to assist in monitoring inventory levels and orchestrate the inventory system for employees to easily and effortless place orders, we are your one-stop-shop for all of your promotional (and event) needs. 
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Our Services

Shipping Boxes
Inventory & Order Fulfillment
With our simple and streamlined approach, you can be certain that all of your tradeshow and marketing assets will be organized and properly stored within our state-of-the-art warehouse. From our warehouse to your destination both US and Internationally, we will effortlessly handle the logistics of your items working with proper shipping carriers for outbound and inbound shipping. Our goal is to relieve you of the hassle, so you can focus on what you do best!
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Venue MatchmakingTM
At G2, it is our goal to find a venue that not only meets the practical needs of your event but also enhances the overall experience for your attendees. By carefully selecting a venue that is well-suited to the event's objectives, we strive at creating a memorable and successful event that meets or exceeds your company's expectations.
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G2 can manage all your registration needs, from building registration pages, to managing the pre-registration and onsite registration processes. It is our goal to ensure that the registration process is user-friendly and easy to navigate for you and your attendees. 
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Marketing & Design
Marketing is in everything you execute, touch, see and feel. It is our mission to assist in developing a comprehensive plan to promote your event across various channels to get you the most exposure you can and be in front of the right demographic. From digital marketing to designing your trade show booth, rental or custom, we've got your brand in mind every step of the way.
Attendee/ Speaker Strategy
Whether you are planning an event for internal team members or reaching a specific demographic, G2 will create a customized attendee and/or speaker recruitment plan and strategy. The success of any event largely depends on the number and quality of attendees, so effective recruitment strategies are essential and what we do best! 
Sponsor Fulfillment
Sponsors can play a large role in your event or tradeshow. Providing white glove sponsor service and fulfilling sponsor deliverables,  G2 makes the process run smoothly. Through building rapport, we manage pre-event deadlines and continue managing sponsors post contract.
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