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Tawk Tuesday - Meet the Team - Jessica

Tune into our YouTube Channel to meet the

G2 team and hear our tips & tricks on how to

plan and execute a virtual event,

without losing the FUN!

We love events.

But let's hear what Jessica Hardenfelder has to say about the switch to Virtual events! Jessica's official title is Event Marketing Coordinator, but we here at G2 refer to her as the keeper of all things, the go-to person for answers, the one who knows where everything is!

Jess helps our clients prepare for their in-person tradeshows, coordinating all efforts to ensure they have the best experience at each event. These days, Jess has been showing off her graphic design skills by moving these efforts into the virtual environment. Behind the scenes, Jess creates needed artwork and elements to complete shows that G2 is producing. She steps up to help in all capacities - from technology to graphic design to client support, and she really is the person that knows where everything is! She may have also had something to do with all the graphics you're looking at now!

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