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Tawk Tuesday: Tips & Tricks - Appearance

Join us for our Tips & Tricks series that will guide you on how to make the most of your home office.

Keeping up appearances can be tough sometimes while still

working from home. Are you presenting at an event, maybe at

an internal company meeting? Although we've all gotten comfortable with virtual presentations, we can't forget that we still have to look professional. A messy bun with sweats or baseball hat and hoodie

would probably not go over well with your upper management.

You are representing yourself and your company.

Watch below to hear what Jessica has to say on how

to make the most of your Appearance.

This segment wraps up our Tips & Tricks series, for now.

We hope we helped you prepare a less-stressful work-from-home environment! Stay tuned for our customer testimonials and our upcoming "day-in-the-life" series!

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