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Tawk Tuesday - Meet the Team - Nora

Tune into our YouTube Channel to meet the

G2 team and hear our tips & tricks on how to

plan and execute a virtual event,

without losing the FUN!


We love events.

But let's hear what Nora Gingrich has to say about the switch to Virtual events! Nora, G2's Event Marketing Specialist, has taken advantage of the virtual environment to build up her editing and event production skills. Traditionally, Nora would be traveling from event to event, ensuring our clients were ready to get the most out of each experience (while also doing all the prep work beforehand too).

These days, Nora is still behind the scenes preparing for her client's virtual events, but now she's showing off her production skills.

Nora has become our resident expert in setting the tone of each event by choosing the music, creating feature videos for awards, intros, fun.... you name it, Nora creates it!

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