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Tawk Tuesday: Tips & Tricks - Sound

Join us for our new Tips & Tricks series that will guide you on how to make the most of your home office.

As our 'work-from-home' adventure continues, we continue to find

ways to make it work. By now, you've probably carved out a private-ish, quiet-ish place to work during the day. Maybe your kids - if you have - are back in school full-time or part-time, your significant other and you have figured out how to share the space...

Although you've gotten into this new routine, there are still challenges we face with our reliance on technology and the virtual world we all live in.


The audio you rely on from your computer or phone, the sounds around you that are beyond your control and we can't forget the

"we can't hear you" or "you're on mute"

that still happens at least once a week at this point!

We've all purchased headphones at this point, and know how to mute on these meeting platforms, but there are still many factors that can interrupt your meeting, or worse, a presentation to an important audience.

Through this Tips & Tricks series, we'll help you prepare a less-stressful environment! Today, we're going to give you some tips on how to get the most out of your Sound. Watch below to hear what Amy has to say about this topic!

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