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Tawk Tuesday: Tips & Tricks - WiFi

Join us for our new Tips & Tricks series that will guide you on how to make the most of your home office.

Working from home has become the new 'normal' and while it has its perks, it also comes with challenges. Your home has become your office and your co-workers extend to your family! Not everyone was prepared to or able to create a quiet "office" at home. We all had to make the best of this "not-so" temporary situation.

It's just another day and you're about to go on yet another Zoom call of the day. This one is with a prospect that you've been speaking with for months and feel you're just about to close the deal today. You're sharing your screen with this prospect going over details when suddenly your internet starts glitching, your sound is going in and out, you're frozen with the most unbecoming expression on your face and when it all starts streaming again, your 8 yr old comes crashing through the door because he was booted off his Google Meet with his teacher and class!

Not the way you anticipated this meeting going? Sounds familiar?

We can all relate.

Now that most of us are still working from home,

we need to make adjustments to continue doing our job

efficiently and to the best of our abilities.

Through this Tips & Tricks series, we'll help you prepare a less-stressful environment! Today, we're going to give you some tips on how to get the most out of your WiFi. Watch below to hear what Erica has to say about this topic!


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